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What happens in a 2017 internet minute?

This is what happens in an internet minute in 2017.

900,000 Facebook Logins

16 Million Text Messages

4.1 Million YouTube Videos Viewed

342,000 Google Play Store and App Store Apps Downloaded

46,200 Instagram Posts Uploaded

452,000 Tweets sent

990,000 Tinder Swipes

156 Million Emails Sent

40,000 Spotify Hours Listened

50 Amazon Echo Voice-First Devices Shipped

120 New LinkedIn Accounts Created

15,000 GIFs Sent via Facebook Messenger

1.8 Million Snaps Created

$751,522 Spent Online

70,017 Netflix Hours Watched

3.5 Million Google Search Queries

Sources: @LoriLewis @OfficiallyChadd

Posted on WSJ: The Daily Shot 27-July-2017

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